Buying Incubators

Buying an incubator is like buying a car—there are numerous models, sizes, and price ranges from which to choose! It is important to consider the features of each incubator and choose the model which best fits your classroom needs. A thorough online search will provide a range of prices. Keep in mind what your goals are for your personal hatching project. Each model has its pros and cons and some will not do well when incubating eggs for the full 21-days, while others will have more features than are needed for eggs that will only be in the classroom for 3 days.

The following sites sell quality incubators:

Using Incubators
The most important part of using an incubator is making sure that it holds a steady and consistent temperature and humidity for the entire time that the eggs are being incubated. You can ensure this by following these steps:
  • Find the most temperature stable location in your classroom before you set up the incubator. Good-functioning incubators may still have a hard time compensating for dramatic changes in room temperature, so using a min/max thermometer (a thermometer that records minimum and maximum temperatures) to locate the best place to keep the incubator is highly recommended.
  • Plug in and test your incubator at least two weeks before you put eggs in it. Most companies who sell incubators guarantee their product, but you will need time to test it and ship the old one back and get a new one if you have any problems. If your eggs are already scheduled to be in your classroom you may not have time--so get an early start on this step!
  • If you are using 18-day eggs from Thanksgiving Point, you do not need to worry as much about humidity. However, if you plan to have chicks in your classroom for the full 21-day hatching period, you will definitely want to invest in a hygrometer--a tool to measure humidity. Many models of hygrometers are available for around $20-$30, even some that have remote probes that can be placed inside an incubator to transmit the information to a screen outside and some that are combined with thermometers so you can receive temperature information as well.

Instruction Manual for Lyon brand TurnX incubators

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Instruction Manual for Brinsea Mini Advance

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